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Family Law Litigation

Unfortunately, the current family law dispute resolution system encourages adversarial conflict, and treats litigation like the only tool in the toolbox (or the first tool to be used). The conflict itself is the most detrimental to children, so family law litigation should be the last tool used when resolving disputes.

Our team is experienced in family law matters such as:

•   Divorce
•   Paternity
•   Child Support
•   Child Custody
•   Domestic Violence
•   Dependency
•   Termination of Rights/Step-Parent Adoption
•   Modification/Enforcement

Proactive Peaceful Resolutions

At Holistic Family Law, we use a combination of compassion and creativity to establish a foundation for the best, most peaceful, child-focused solutions in difficult family conflicts and transitions.

One of the best tools in our family law toolbox, and the first one we choose, is a proactive plan for peaceful resolutions during family transitions and conflicts. This tool allows parties to control a family’s transition and create a co-parenting system that actually works in the family’s best interests. Avoiding litigation and conflict can be the best decision you can make for your children during a divorce or any other family transition.

Our team is poised and prepared to help with matters of:

•   Uncontested Divorce/Paternity
•   Mediation
•   Parenting Coordination
•   Adoption
•   Prenuptial Agreements

Assessments & Recommendations

Sometimes, family law professionals, judges, parents, and other involved parties, need more information about what will be in the best interests of the children.

Guardian ad Litems, Parenting Coordinators and Social Investigators talk to parents, children and family members to assess and evaluate what systems and outcomes will be in the children’s best interests. Our team reviews records, interviews people, develops proactive solutions and makes recommendations to the court, based on knowledge, experience, and training, to compassionately assess a family’s needs as a whole and creatively recommend solutions that puts the children first.

  • Guardian ad Litems are professionals, who are often attorneys or psychologists, appointed by the Court to be the Court’s eyes, ears and voice of the children. The Guardian ad Litem evaluates and recommends what parenting plan and family structure will best meet the children’s needs.
  • Parenting Coordinators are professionals who are trained in assisting parents in establishing a healthy and productive co-parenting relationship after separation or divorce. In the State of Florida, Parenting Coordinators must undergo specific training to become qualified to work with families dealing with conflict.
  • Social Investigators are professionals appointed by the Court to investigate specific circumstances of a family and report back to the Court, similar to a Guardian ad Litem’s role.

Affordable and Predictable Attorneys Fees

Most family law attorneys charge their clients by the hour. Rates vary and usually start at a few hundred dollars per hour, going up significantly depending on an attorney’s experience. An hourly billing model often requires a large retainer up front before an attorney will begin any work on your case, making legal services unaffordable to the average family in need of legal representation.

Holistic Family Law has observed that this type of model can lead to unpredictable and unaffordable legal bills that clients had not anticipated, or for which they don’t have the means to pay. Clients are often hesitant to reach out to their attorney with questions or information about their case, in fear that they will only incur more fees and be nickled and dimed for every call or communication.

Holistic Family Law offers affordable, and in most cases, flat-rate fees based on the stage of litigation and goals of the case. Holistic Family Law recognizes that sometimes families do not have the resources to pay lump sums for legal fees and large retainers up front. Therefore, Holistic Family Law accepts a limited number of cases on payment plans to spread out the expense of a family law matter.

Stages of Family Law Litigation

  • Phase I: Preliminary Case Assessment and Pre-Suit Negotiation
    An initial consultation to help assess a client’s current circumstances and what remedies – legal or alternative – are available.
  • Phase II: Initial Filing, Pleadings, and Preliminary Discovery
    Preparation of the initial pleading to commence litigation, together with all other documents required to file an action in family court and preliminary discovery are necessary to schedule your matter for mediation.
  • Phase III: Mandatory Mediation
    The Court requires all parties involved in a family law matter attend mediation before the Court will proceed to trial.
  • Phase IV: Depositions and Additional Discovery for Trial
    In the event mediation is unsuccessful, additional discovery is generally necessary in the form of taking depositions, propounding written discovery requests, and sending out non-party requests for documents and records.
  • Phase V: Pre-Trial Preparation and Settlement Negotiations
    Working on a trial strategy, determining if expert opinions are necessary and planning what witnesses and exhibits will be utilized at trial, 
    are all essential preparatory measures.
  • Phase VI: Trial
    Trial occurs when parties cannot resolve matters outside of Court. Trial requires a further review of evidence, finalizing the best strategy, witness preparation, compilation of exhibits and trial attendance.