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Holistic Family Law

Holistic, Child-Focused Solutions for High-Conflict and Transitioning Families

Holistic Family Law is a small, boutique law firm offering a personal touch with a holistic approach. Attorney Anastasia C. Jaster founded Holistic Family Law after having endured the stress and conflict that resulted from her own parent’s high conflict divorce. Later, she experienced the challenges of finding her place in a blended family.

These life events have fueled her passion to alleviate the negative impact of separation and divorce on children, the emotional struggles suffered by all parties, and the financial hardships that undoubtedly arise.

Since every family struggles with co-parenting conflicts and challenges, they become amplified when a family goes through a big transition like divorce, separation, or remarriage. There is no reason to feel shame when these life events occur.

The Holistic Family Law team is all too familiar with these struggles and is compassionate about assisting families and children dealing with these and other Adverse Childhood Experiences. Our goal is to minimize the impact of family law matters on children and offer clear solutions to help parents and couples cope when life happens.


Our Team

Anastasia Jaster
Owner and Managing Attorney

Anastasia is a Saint Petersburg native and the proud mom to her teenage son and her three dachshunds. During Anastasia’s adolescence, her parents faced a high-conflict divorce that left her and her sister in the middle, severely impacting the most crucial and sensitive years in a child’s upbringing. Anastasia’s difficult childhood and her 18 years’ experience as a family law paralegal fueled her desire to attend law school, so she could practice law that focuses on how to best maneuver children through family conflicts with the least impact possible. Anastasia obtained her undergraduate degree in political science from the University of South Florida before attending Stetson University College of Law, where she graduated with her Juris Doctorate with honors. Anastasia is certified in parenting coordination and is currently working on becoming a certified family law mediator, in hopes to broaden her ability to reach more families in need. Anastasia started Holistic Family Law in 2018 and brings with her over 22 years’ experience and expertise in family law.

James C. Runyon
Certified Family Law Mediator/Guardian Ad Litem

James was born in Kentucky, and as a child, he and his family relocated to Florida. James attended University of Florida where he obtained his undergraduate in Criminal Justice, then went on to attend Stetson University College of Law, graduating with his Juris Doctorate in 1988. After James graduated, he began his legal career as a family law attorney. James is a certified family law mediator and Guardian Ad Litem, which allows him to do what he loves most, helping families resolve conflicts and looking out for the best interest of children whose families are in the middle of high-conflict family law matters. In 2018, James retired from litigation to focus his practice on mediations and guardian ad litem services, to serve families in need, utilizing his over 30 years’ experience in family law to develop proactive, peaceful resolutions to family law disputes.

Shannon Morlan
Firm Administrator/Paralegal

Shannon is a Florida native who spent much of her upbringing in Saint Petersburg. She is a mom to two children, ages 19 and 12, and her three puppies, Gracie, Piper and Charlie. In her spare time, Shannon enjoys hanging out with her family, crafting and working on home improvement projects. In 2008, Shannon decided to change career paths and began working as a family law paralegal, while pursuing a degree in legal studies. In 2010, Shannon graduated with her legal studies degree with honors and continued working as a family law paralegal. Shannon had the privilege of working as a paralegal for one of the top family law firms in the Tampa Bay Area, where she gained top knowledge, experience and expertise from some of the best attorneys and legal professionals in the field. Shannon has a passion for helping families, and she made the decision to join Holistic Family Law in 2018, bringing with her over 10 years’ experience and expertise in family law.